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Electric cars, Wedding debt

The cost of tying the knot. Does a fantasy white wedding leave the bride and groom in the red?

The company behind the UK's 'electric highway' and sole provider of electric car chargers at motorway service stations has announced that it is going to start charging a fee for charging your electric car. Ecotricity has revealed that it plans to introduce a £6 fee for a 30 minute charge at its 300 fast-charging stations across the country. It has come as a surprise to the owners of electric and hybrid cars.

You don't need us to tell you that international travel has become more complicated over the years and that airlines have become strict about the documents you need to fly. But what is the poor traveller to do if the information provided is contradictory? We hear a strange case of tangled red tape, involving nothing more complicated than a flight from London to Dublin.

Brides and grooms break their wedding budget by £2 billion a year according to a new study by Barclays. A fifth of couples overspend while planning their big day, and on average have nine arguments. The average overspend is £7,971. We meet the couples getting into debt to tie the knot.

Presenter: Shari Vahl
Producer: Maire Devine.

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42 minutes


  • Ecotricity Charges

    Plans to roll out a fee for cars using its 300 fast charging stations across the country.

    Duration: 07:17

  • Rogue Landlords

    Conviction of rogue lettings agent Martin Marcus.

    Duration: 05:53

  • Airline Ts & Cs

    Tangled red tape involving nothing more complicated than a flight from London to Dublin.

    Duration: 04:39

  • Supermarket Christmas

    Supermarkets reveal what they think will be the big-selling products for December.

    Duration: 07:29

  • Wedding Debt

    One in five couples overspend on their wedding, we hear why from couples left in debt.

    Duration: 06:43


  • Mon 11 Jul 2016 12:15

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