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Caroline Aherne, Elie Wiesel, Sir Geoffrey Hill, Lord Mayhew, Michael Cimino

Matthew Bannister on comedian Caroline Aherne, holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, poet Sir Geoffrey Hill, politician Lord Mayhew, film director Michael Cimino.

Matthew Bannister on

The comedian Caroline Aherne who created Mrs Merton and the Royle family and struggled with the pressures of fame.

Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel. Described by President Obama as "one of the great moral voices of our time", he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The poet Sir Geoffrey Hill whose work focused on English history, landscape and religion.

The Conservative politician Lord Mayhew. As Northern Ireland Secretary under John Major, he laid the foundations for the peace process.

And the film director Michael Cimino - best known for the Deer Hunter which won five Oscars.

Producer: Dianne McGregor.

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28 minutes

Caroline Aherne

Matthew spoke to her friend, Andy Harries who was the executive producer of ‘The Mrs Merton Show’; ‘Mrs Merton and Malcolm’ and ‘The Royle Family’.

Born 24 December 1963; died 2 July 2016 aged 52.

Elie Wiesel

Matthew spoke to his friend, Menachem Rosensaft who is General Counsel of the World Jewish Congress and teaches about the law of genocide and war crime trials at the law schools of Columbia and Cornell University.

Born 30 September 1928; died 2 July 2016 aged 87.

Sir Geoffrey Hill

Last Word spoke to his widow Alice Goodman and to Robert Potts, managing editor of the Times Literary Supplement.

Born 18 June 1932; died 30 June 2016 aged 84.

Lord Mayhew of Twysden

Last Word spoke to political commentator Bruce Anderson and to Northern Ireland journalist, David McKittrick.

Born 11 September 1929; died 25 June 2016 aged 86.

Michael Cimino

Born 3 February 1939; died 2 July 2016 aged 77.


Role Contributor
Interviewed Guest Andy Harries
Interviewed Guest Menachem Rosensaft
Interviewed Guest Alice Goodman
Interviewed Guest Robert Potts
Interviewed Guest Bruce Anderson
Interviewed Guest David McKittrick
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Dianne McGregor