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Amjad Sabri, Lorna Kelly, Jerome Bruner, Bob Holman, Scotty Moore

Matthew Bannister on singer Amjad Sabri, auctioneer Lorna Kelly, psychologist Jerome Bruner, campaigner Bob Holman, guitarist Scotty Moore.

Matthew Bannister on

The Pakistani qawwali singer Amjad Sabri. A huge star in his homeland, he was shot dead in his car in Karachi.

The auctioneer Lorna Kelly who turned her back on a glittering New York lifestyle to work with Mother Teresa.

The psychologist Jerome Bruner whose work brought new insight into how children learn.

Bob Holman who gave up his academic career to live and work with people on housing estates.

And Scotty Moore who played guitar on many of Elvis Presley's biggest hits.

Producer: Dianne McGregor.

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28 minutes

Amjad Sabri

Last Word spoke to Anwar Akhtar, Director of the Samosa Media Project and to the music writer and broadcaster, Robin Denselow.

Born 23 December 1970; died 22 June 2016 aged 45.

Lorna Kelly

Matthew spoke to her friend, Chris Peregrin.

Born 12 August 1945; died 15 June 2016 aged 70.

Jerome Bruner

Last Word spoke to his friend and former colleague, Professor Kathy Sylva, to writer and broadcaster Michael Rosen and to Professor John Oates from the Open University.

Born 1 October 1915; died 5 June 2016 aged 100.

Bob Holman

Last Word spoke to his widow, Annette Holman, to his friend Terry Philpot, and to the Conservative politician, Ian Duncan Smith.

Born 8 November 1936; died 15 June 2016 aged 79.

Scotty Moore (pictured)

Born 27 December 1931; died 28 June 2016 aged 84.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Anwar Akhtar
Interviewed Guest Robin Denselow
Interviewed Guest Chris Peregrin
Interviewed Guest Kathy Sylva
Interviewed Guest Michael Rosen
Interviewed Guest John Oates
Interviewed Guest Annette Holman
Interviewed Guest Terry Philpot
Interviewed Guest Iain Duncan Smith
Producer Dianne McGregor