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The Yoiker and the Landscape

Sound recordist Chris Watson travels beyond the Arctic Circle to record Ande Somby, a traditional Sami yoiker.

Another chance to hear NATURE in which sound recordist Chris Watson captures the remarkable chants of Andé Somby, a Sami yoiker. Yoiks are traditional Sami chants, which come from the earth and are largely inspired by natural world. When Andé invited sound recordist Chris Watson to record him yoiking near Kvalnes in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, Chris had no idea what an extraordinary and challenging experience this would be - not only to travel north of the Arctic Circle to record these ancient chants but also to gain an insight into the culture and beliefs of the Sami People. As a westerner he was about to step into a very different world. There are yoiks for people, animals and land. In the Sami tradition it's important for everyone to have a yoik; it's as important as being given a name, and for Andé, it's the Wolf yoik which has a special significance. For the recording of this and other yoiks, Andé led Chris up a very steep mountain to a small lake in a crater. Standing by the lake edge, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the air is filled with most extraordinary sounds as Andé performs his yoiks. Yoiking is far more than just a performance, it is a much deeper connection with the earth; when a yoiker sings about an animal, for example, he believes he becomes that animal. Producer Sarah Blunt.

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