Self's Search for Meaning Episode 1 of 3

Where does the modern Briton look to find meaning? Many take their lead from key figures in Science, in Philosophy or in Faith, whose beliefs seem compelling - resounding in song, fashioned in stone and beamed into packed presentation halls... But away from the noise, what's actually at the core of the ideas being conveyed? Are they as forceful, distilled to their essence, and can they really imbue our lives with purpose?
In a three part series, Will Self asks some of Britain's key opinion makers to share, in simple terms, their conclusions about the nature - and meaning - of our existence. In the absence of certainty, what is it exactly that strengthens their convictions, and how do these inform their everyday actions? How do we live well, in service to a higher purpose - and can we find meaning without one?
With contributors including Dr. Rowan Williams, Alain de Botton and Baroness Susan Greenfield, Self explores three fields of human comprehension, before probing their foundations in open, lively and searching discussion.
Episode breakdown:
1. Leaders of Science - 06/06 tx date
2. Leaders of Thought - 13/06
3. Leaders of Faith - 20/06.

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