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Exams and the mental health of children, A community approach to suicide prevention

The reality of exam stress - is there a link between pressure to do well in exams and children's mental health? And the community initiative to prevent suicide.

As every summer, exams are in the news. We look at whether the pressure to do well in exams is having an effect on children's mental health.
We speak to experts from Education, Psychology and Economics who are now working together to address the wider issue of the effect of Britain's current education system on our children's wellbeing.

Looking beyond anecdotal evidence, we ask why, when considering education, is it so difficult to find firm data from which to draw conclusions and make recommendations?

And we hear from Today's finalist in the All in the Mind Awards.

The Tomorrow Project is a suicide prevention project established in response to the needs and concerns of local communities, in Nottinghamshire affected by suicide.

We meet people who have been helped by the project and discuss the kind of services it provides.

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  • Tue 24 May 2016 21:00
  • Wed 25 May 2016 15:30

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