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Care home inspections, Pension fees, Energy from sweets

We look at how checks on care homes aren't necessarily going to plan. Also why Microsoft users are fed up with the latest software updates.

Are the checks on care homes going the way the Care Quality Commission had planned?

Have you updated to windows 10? We hear from people who says they've been 'tricked' into updating?

The man who took on parking charges - and is now a local hero.

Are pension fees as fair as they could be?

And the UK is becoming a world leader in turning waste into energy. Hear how it's being done.



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45 minutes


  • CQC Inspections

    Re-visit to chaotic CQC inspections not working properly.

    Duration: 08:33

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft criticised for forcing Windows 10 upgrade on users.

    Duration: 05:44

  • Free Car Parking

    One man has made parking free in a village in Devon.

    Duration: 02:38

  • Anearobic Digestion

    The future of AD plants in the UK

    Duration: 08:08

  • Pension Fees

    Pension savers have been complaining that they are misinformed about hidden charges.

    Duration: 05:21

  • Landlord Licensing

    How successful is the landlord licensing scheme?

    Duration: 05:27


  • Fri 27 May 2016 12:15

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