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Professor Robert McNeill Alexander, Reg Grundy, Sally Brampton, Tony Cozier, Madeleine LeBeau

Matthew Bannister on zoologist Professor Robert McNeill Alexander, TV producer Reg Grundy, magazine editor Sally Brampton, cricket commentator Tony Cozier.

Matthew Bannister on

Professor Robert McNeill Alexander - the father of animal biomechanics, who revealed how fast dinosaurs could run.

The Australian TV producer Reg Grundy who was behind a string of popular hits, including Neighbours, Wheel of Fortune and Prisoner Cell Block H.

Sally Brampton, the founding editor of British Elle magazine who wrote a powerful book about her struggle with depression.

And Tony Cozier, the West Indian cricket commentator who was a much loved member of the Test Match Special team.

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Professor Robert McNeill Alexander

Matthew spoke to Alan Wilson, Professor at the Royal Veterinary College and to Geoffrey Boxshall of the Zoological Society of London.

Born 7 July 1934; died 21 March 2016 aged 81.

Reg Grundy

Matthew spoke to Alan Boyd, Chief Executive of Grundy Productions UK and to television historian, Andrew Mercado.

Born 4 August 4 1923; died 6 May 2016 aged 92.

Sally Brampton

Matthew spoke to her friend and colleague, Louise Chunn.

Born 15 July 1955, died May 10 2016 aged 60.

Tony Cozier

Matthew spoke to BBC cricket correspondent, Jonathan Agnew.

Born 10 July 1940; died 11 May 2016 aged 75.

Madeleine LeBeau

Born 10 June 1923; died 1 May 2016 aged 92.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Alan Wilson
Interviewed Guest Geoffrey Boxshall
Interviewed Guest Alan Boyd
Interviewed Guest Louise Chunn
Interviewed Guest Jonathan Agnew