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Gareth Gwenlan, Sir Harry Kroto, Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield, Lilly Dubowitz, Papa Wemba

Matthew Bannister on TV producer Gareth Gwenlan, chemist Sir Harry Kroto, wheeler dealer Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield, paediatrician Lilly Dubowitz, singer Papa Wemba

Matthew Bannister on

Gareth Gwenlan the TV producer and Head of BBC Comedy behind a string of hits including Only Fools and Horses. Sir David Jason pays tribute.

Sir Harry Kroto, the Nobel prize winning chemist who helped to discover new forms of carbon.

Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield, the charming, well dressed scoundrel who started the Ann Summers chain of sex shops and was imprisoned in France for stealing thousands of pounds from the movie mogul Jack Warner.

The paediatrician Lilly Dubowitz who developed revolutionary tests to assess new born babies

And the Congolese singer and flamboyant dresser Papa Wemba.

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28 minutes

Gareth Gwenlan

Last Word spoke to actor, Sir David Jason and former Head of BBC entertainment, Paul Jackson.

Born 26 April 1937; died 8 May 2016 Aged 79

Harry Kroto (pictured)

Matthew spoke to Professor Malcolm Heggie of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s British Carbon Group.

Born 7 October 1939; died 30 April 2016 Aged 76

Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield

Last Word spoke to friends, Jeremy Scott and Charles Marsden.

Born 1 January 1930, died 4 May 2016 Aged 86

Lilly Dubowitz

Mathew spoke to husband and colleague, Victor Dubowitz. 

Born 20 March 1930; died 14 March 2016 Aged 85

Papa Wemba

Last Word spoke to world music expert, Robin Denselow.

Born 14 June 1949; died 24 April 2016 Aged 66.  


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Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest David Jason