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Presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson meet scientists seeking to end ageing and explore how our ideas about ageing will change as life expectancy rises to 100 and beyond.

Should we retire the concept of 'ageing'?

The first episode of the new series of FutureProofing explores the technology and demography which herald a revolution in our ideas about ageing, and a fundamental shift in the expectations we all have for the course our lives might take.

Presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson travel to California to meet the scientists at the cutting edge of the quest to stop age-related illness and decline. And they explore the ideas that will have to change if we all live to 150 and beyond.

Even conservative estimates now place human lifespan for new-borns today in a developed country at more than 100. FutureProofing examines the fundamental changes to our expectations, hopes and dreams which ensue from the scientific work taking place now to postpone, or even end, ageing.

FutureProofing is a six part series which explores the ideas that will shape our future. Episodes in the second series for April-June 2016 include programmes on the future of Ageing, Crime, Energy, Memory, Language and War.

Producer: Jonathan Brunert.

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FutureProofing: The Movie

FutureProofing: The Movie

Ideas that shape our future