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Prince, Ray Fitzwalter, Victoria Wood, June Jolly, Phil Sayer

Matthew Bannister analyses and celebrates the lives of rock star Prince, World In Action editor Ray Fitzwalter, comedian Victoria Wood, nurse June Jolly and announcer Phil Sayer.

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Rock superstar Prince - we recall his intimate gig for a handful of people here in Broadcasting House.

Ray Fitzwalter the Editor of ITV's World In Action who championed investigative journalism.

Victoria Wood - we have a tribute in song from the young comedian she inspired.

The nurse June Jolly who transformed the treatment of children in hospital - she once brought a baby elephant and a lion on to the ward to entertain her patients.

And - Mind The Gap - the voice of hundreds of station announcements Phil Sayer.

Interviewed guest: Fergus Dudley
Interviewed guest: Paul Gambaccini
Interviewed guest: Roger Corke
Interviewed guest: Vikki Stone
Interviewed guest: Margaretta Jolly
Interviewed guest: Sue Burr
Interviewed guest: Elinor Hamilton.

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Iconic singer and musician.  Matthew spoke to BBC producer Fergus Dudley and live in the studio to Paul Gambaccini.

Born 7 June 1958; died 21 April 2016 aged 57.

Ray Fitzwalter

Editor of ITV's World In Action who championed investigative journalism.  Last Word spoke to Roger Corke who worked with him on World in Action.

Born 21 February 1944; died 4 April 2016 aged 72.

Victoria Wood

Last Word spoke to fellow musical comedian, Vikki Stone who performed in Victoria’s play ‘Talent’.

Born 19 May 1953; died 20 April 2016 aged 62.

June Jolly

Nurse who transformed the treatment of children in hospital.  Matthew spoke to her niece Margaretta Jolly and to her friend and former colleague, Sue Burr.

Born 28 September 1928; died 12 March 2016 aged 87.

Phil Sayer

Voice-over artist.  Matthew spoke to his wife, Elinor Hamilton.

Born 18 May 1953; died 14 April 2016 aged 62.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George
Interviewed Guest Fergus Dudley
Interviewed Guest Paul Gambaccini
Interviewed Guest Roger Corke
Interviewed Guest Vikki Stone
Interviewed Guest Margaretta Jolly
Interviewed Guest Sue Burr
Interviewed Guest Elinor Hamilton