I'm Offended

Timothy Garton Ash argues against 'no platforming' - the practice of denying speakers a chance to appear at universities because they may cause offence.

Timothy Garton Ash examines how free speech is being eroded in the place it should be most secure: in universities. He examines the activist practise known as 'no platforming'. It means that one group of students is being prevented from hearing someone they do want to hear, because another group of students doesn't want that voice to be heard. Feminists Julie Bindel and Germaine Greer were both 'no platformed' due to their views on transgender people. Professor Garton Ash argues that the practice goes directly against a core principle of free speech, which is that all views - even offensive ones - must be robustly challenged in well-informed debate and not censored by those who cry 'I'm offended'.
Producer: Nina Robinson

(Illustration by Luis Ruibal)

With thanks to Areeb Ullah and Maryam Namazie.

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