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Boogie-woogie was a party-time sensation in the 1930s, a driving eight-to-the-bar piano style that took the world by storm. Geoffrey Smith selects some potent examples by pianists and big bands alike.

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Sun 31 Dec 2017 00:00

Music Played

  • Clarence 'Pine Top' Smith & Smith, Pine Top

    Pine Top's Boogie Woogie

    • Boogie Woogie Special.
    • Topaz.
    • 3.
  • Romeo Nelson & Romeo Nelson

    Head Rag Hop

    • Boogie Woogie Special.
    • Topaz.
    • 5.
  • Meade Lux Lewis

    Honky Tonk Train Blues

    • Meade Lux Lewis 1927-1939.
    • Classics.
    • 1.
  • Wesley Wallace

    No. 29

    • The Piano Blues Volume One.
    • Magpie.
    • 13.
  • Montana Taylor

    Indiana Avenue Stomp

    • The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie.
    • Avid.
    • 3.
  • Little Brother Montgomery

    Farish Street Jive

    • New Orleans Volume 3.
    • RCA.
    • 7.
  • Count Basie, CARL SMITH, Lester Young, Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing & Jo Jones

    Boogie Woogie

    • Count Basie 1936-1938.
    • Classics.
    • 3.
  • Joe Turner and Pete Johnson, Pete Johnson & Joe Turner

    It's All Right Baby

    • 14.
  • Albert Ammons

    Shout For Joy

    • Boogie Woogie Man.
    • Topaz.
    • 6.
  • Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson & Meade Lux Lewis & Albert Ammons

    Boogie Woogie Prayer Part 1

    • Boogie Woogie Man.
    • Topaz.
    • 4.
  • Earl Hines

    Boogie Woogie on The St. Louis Blues

    • The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie.
    • Avid.
    • 6.
  • Jimmy Yancey

    At The Window

    • Jazz Immortals No. 1.
    • Vogue.
    • 5.
  • Jimmy Yancey

    State Street Special

    • Boogie Woogie Special.
    • Topaz.
    • 13.
  • Jay Mcshann & Jay Mcshann With Rhythm Accompaniment

    Hold 'Em Hootie

    • Jazz: Kansas City Style.
    • Topaz.
    • 23.
  • Mary Lou Williams

    Roll 'Em

    • Boogie Woogie Special.
    • Topaz.
    • 22.
  • Art Tatum

    Tatum Pole Boogie

    • Jazz from America on Disques Vogue.
    • SONY.
    • 7.
  • Oscar Peterson, Oscar Peterson, Bert Brown & Frank Gariepy

    The Sheik of Araby

    • The Complete Young Oscar Peterson.
    • RCA.
    • 4.


  Title:  Pine Top’s Boogie Woogie  
  Performers: Pine Top Smith 
  Composers: Pine Top Smith
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Special
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ 1025 
  Duration:  03’22 

   Title:  Head Rag Hop  
  Artist: Romeo Nelson 
  Composers: Romeo Nelson 
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Special  
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ 1025
  Duration: 02’56
  Performers: Romeo Nelson, piano; Tampa Red & Frankie ‘Half Pint’ Jaxon, speech.

   Title:  Honky Tonk Train Blues
  Performers: Meade Lux Lewis 
  Composers: Meade Lux Lewis  
  Album Title: Meade Lux Lewis 1927-1939 
  Label:  Classics Catalogue No: CLASSICS-722 
  Duration: 03’13 

   Title:  #29  
  Performers: Wesley Wallace 
  Composers: Traditional 
  Album Title: The Piano Blues Volume One
  Label:  Magpie  Catalogue No: PY 4401 
  Duration: 03’13 

   Title:  Indiana Avenue Stomp  
  Performers: Montana Taylor 
  Composers: A. Taylor & Montana Taylor 
  Album Title: The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie 
  Label:  Avid Catalogue No: AMSC-553 
  Duration: 03:28 

   Title:  Boogie Woogie  
  Artist: Count Basie
  Composers: Carl Smith 
  Album Title: Count Basie 1936-1938 
  Label:  Classics   Catalogue No: Classics-503 
  Duration: 03’12 
  Performers: Carl Smith, trumpet; Lester Young, tenor saxophone; Count Basie, piano; Walter Page, bass; Joe Jones, drums; Jimmy Rushing, vocal.

   Title:  It's All Right Baby  
  Performers: Pete Johnson &  Joe Turner 
  Composers: Pete Johnson &  Joe Turner 
  Album Title: From Spirituals To Swing 
  Label:  Vanguard Catalogue No: 169-71-2 
  Duration: 02:38 

   Title:  Shout for Joy  
  Performers: Albert Ammons 
  Composers: Albert Ammons 
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Man 
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ-1067 
  Duration: 02’24 

   Title:  Boogie Woogie Prayer Part 1   
  Performers: Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis 
  Composers: Albert Ammons & Lewis Johnson 
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Man 
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ-1067 
  Duration: 04:57 

   Title:  Boogie Woogie on the St. Louis Blues  
  Artist: Earl Hines 
  Composers: W.C. Handy 
  Album Title: The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie 
  Label:  Avid Catalogue No: AMSC-553 
  Duration: 02:49 

   Title:  At the Window  
  Performers: Jimmy Yancey
  Composers: Jimmy Yancey
  Album Title: Jazz Immortals No. 1 
  Label:  Vogue Catalogue No: LDE-166 
  Duration: 02’57 

   Title:  State Street Special
  Performers: Jimmy Yancey
  Composers: Jimmy Yancey 
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Special 
  Label:  RCA Catalogue No: 730-510 
  Duration: 02’39 

   Title:  Hold 'Em Hootie  
  Artist: Jay McShann 
  Composers: Jay McShann 
  Album Title: Jazz: Kansas City Style 
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ-1036 
  Duration: 02:41 
  Performers: Jay McShann, piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Gus Johnson, drums.

   Title:  Roll ‘Em  
  Artist: Mary Lou Williams 
  Composers: Mary Lou Williams 
  Album Title: Boogie Woogie Special 
  Label:  Topaz Catalogue No: TPZ 1025 
  Durations: 02’38 
  Performers: Mary Lou Williams, piano; Frank Newton, trumpet; Vic Dickenson, trombone; Edmon Hall, clarinet; Al Lucas, bass; Jack Parker, drums.

   Title:  Tatum Pole Boogie
  Performers: Art Tatum 
  Composers: Art Tatum 
  Album Title: Jazz from America on Disques Vogue
  Label:  Sony  Catalogue No: 8875140962
  Duration: 02’20 

   Title:  The Sheik of Araby
  Artist: Oscar Peterson
  Composers: Ted Snyder, Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler
  Album Title: The Complete Young Oscar Peterson 
  Label:  RCA Catalogue No: 7432122-6122 
  Duration: 03’00 
  Performers: Oscar Peterson, piano; Bert Brown, bass; Frank Gariepy, drums.