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Warriors' Harvest

Episode 3 of 4

The rains have come and Philip de Nicholay, the Lord High Sheriff of Nottingham, has a famine on his hands. Stars Lee Ingleby.

The rains have come and Philip De Nicholay, the Lord High Sherriff of Nottingham, has a famine on his hands.

It's 1201 and with rain destroying the grain stores, everyone is driven to the brink of starvation. The only person who can help the Sheriff is Robin Hood who's hiding in Sherwood Forest with plundered grain.

The Sheriff negotiates the King's pardons if the outlaws help to feed the starving and fight the marauding Celts, who have reached the outskirts of Nottingham. Will they be able to return to normal life?

Stars Lee Ingleby as Philip de Nicholay, Anthony Milles as Robert de Loxley, Peter Greenall as Little John, Damian Cooper as Will Scarlet, Sean Connolly as Friar Tuck, Sarah McKendrick as Lady Marian and Billy Miller as William de Warrene.

Director: Iain Meadows.
Produced by Iain Meadows and Matt Hopper for Spiteful Puppet Entertainment.

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