Turkey Points the Finger

The stories behind the headlines. In this edition, we hear from Turkey, which is unhappy at US support for Kurdish fighters in Syria, who combat so-called Islamic State there, as Turkey fears the Syrian Kurds might make common cause with the Turkish Kurds. The complexities of the war in Syria are becoming mingled with those of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. Sri Lanka suffered almost 30 years of civil war, and many an autocratic regime, yet now the country seems set on a path of reconciliation. But will a former President and his supporters try and scupper it? In Ethiopia, our correspondent faints at the sight of eyelid surgery - performed on sufferers of an infection that risks turning them blind. The Galapagos islands are home to wondrous wildlife, but there are fears that this year's seal pups might not survive the effects of the El Nino phenomenon. And Detroit, once known for its motors and recent bankruptcy, is now reinventing itself as a place that makes bicycles, and attracts crowds of hipsters.

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