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First Bite

Sheila Dillon is joined by author Bee Wilson and special guests to discuss how food habits are shaped, and how, if needed, they can be changed.

In her new book, First Bite - How We Learn To Eat, Bee Wilson takes a deep and reflective look at how food choices and habits are shaped, and how they can be changed.

Sheila Dillon is joined by Bee Wilson and special guests to discuss the book's surprising findings, and how to make positive changes where positive change is needed.

Sheila and Bee are joined by Rosie Boycott, who advises the Mayor of London on food and is Chair of the London Food Board, as well as father and son Geoff and Anthony Whitington who star in the just-released film Fixing Dad, which documents Geoff's struggles with type 2 diabetes and his two sons' efforts to help him.

Dan Saladino tells the story of Professor Pekka Puska, who as a young public health doctor in the 1970s spearheaded the North Karelia Project in Finland, which in the context of a population with the highest rates of death from heart disease in the world, aimed to improve the way that a whole region ate.

Presenter: Sheila Dillon
Producer: Rich Ward.

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Fixing Dad

Fixing Dad

Geoff and Anthony Whitington from the film 'Fixing Dad'

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Bee Wilson's First Bite

Bee Wilson's First Bite
The book behind the discussion...


Role Contributor
Presenter Sheila Dillon
Interviewed Guest Bee Wilson
Interviewed Guest Rosie Boycott
Interviewed Guest Pekka Puska
Interviewed Guest Geoff Whitington
Interviewed Guest Anthony Whitington
Reporter Dan Saladino
Producer Rich Ward


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