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New England

Set in three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on earth - Svalbard, Okavango and New England - this series showcases the stunning transformations that occur each year, revealing the unique processes behind them and showing how wildlife has adapted to cope with the changes. Narrated by Domhnall Gleeson.

New England is the stage for the most incredible colour change on earth, when the vivid greens of summer give way to the golds and reds of autumn. This film reveals how this vibrant fiesta is created by the battles between the trees and the forests' inhabitants. Moose, chipmunks, rattlesnakes and a bizarre mixture of caterpillars all play a crucial role, but surprisingly the forest itself was made so colourful thanks to a combination of hard work by beavers, ants and humans.

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Role Contributor
NarratorDomhnall Gleeson
Executive ProducerJo Shinner
Series ProducerPaul Bradshaw
ProducerPaul Williams

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