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Fundraising initiatives, Legal highs, High street fashion

Consumer affairs. Fundraising Initiatives collected money for some of the UK's biggest charities, but it has now collapsed and owes them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We investigate how one of the UK's best known charity collection firms went into administration owing major charities hundreds of thousands of pounds. Kenneth Bauso and Cathy Sullivan started Fundraising Initiatives in 1999. But its links to a firm called Caring Together have left charities out of pocket - and there are big questions for the charities who hired them. We ask the Chief Executive of the Public Fundraising Association who is monitoring the sector.

New research shows legal highs are mostly used by young men in local authority care - we speak to a listener who has finally managed to kick their addiction.

The banks will now pass on evidence to the police when fraud is committed on their customers. We speak to the Royal Bank of Scotland on how this will help convict criminals.

High fashion designers like Tom Ford and Burberry are going to put their collections straight into their stores, instead of showcasing designs on catwalks a season ahead. It means high street retailers can't copy them. What does this mean for fast fashion retailers?

Lots of luxury developments are being built in towns and cities to for students; but are they what students want or need?

And how charities are getting increasingly pushy when they're left money in people's wills.

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  • Fraud Taskforce

    A joint fraud taskforce has launched to formalise relationships between banks and police

    Duration: 05:03

  • Charity Wills

    Charities have more control over residual estates left in wills than relatives expect

    Duration: 06:48

  • High Street Fashion

    Top fashion designers are launching their catwalk collections straight into their shops

    Duration: 05:37

  • Legal Highs

    The use of legal highs is compounding the problems of vulnerable young people

    Duration: 08:16

  • Fundraising Initiatives

    Charities are owed hundreds of thousands of pounds after a fundraising firm collapsed

    Duration: 12:41


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