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TalkTalk Data Breach

A look at if TalkTalk customers' engineer home visits have been accessed, plus more on the surcharge for paying by credit card and controversial Age UK energy and insurance deals.

Money Box has discovered that criminals appear to have accessed the details of TalkTalk engineer home visits and have gone on to use this information to trick customers into allowing them to take control of their computers.

Age UK has faced mounting criticism this week for endorsing a branded range of energy and insurance deals when cheaper alternatives are available.

And more on the annoying transaction charges levied on top of the price of buying something when you use your credit or debit card. We speak to the boss of a company which provides one of the card payment systems. He says the charges are justified.

Presenter: Lesley Curwen
Producer: Alex Lewis
Editor: Andrew Smith.

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30 minutes


  • Talk Talk

    Money Box reveals how criminals attempted to steal money from two Talk Talk customers

    Duration: 08:37

  • Age UK

    Do Age UK products offer customers the best value?

    Duration: 09:43

  • Credit Card Fees

    Excessive credit card fees explained

    Duration: 04:20


  • Sat 6 Feb 2016 12:04
  • Sun 7 Feb 2016 21:00

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