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Litter fines, Care at home, Cancer drugs

Plans to increase the on-the-spot fines for litter bugs in England and the option of taking a litter awareness course. And the best approach to arranging care in your own home.

The Government plans to clamp down on litter bugs in England with a doubling of on-the spot fines to £150.
The perfume that aims to preserve your favourite aromas.
And, after our series of reports on the costs of care in your own home, we'll look at what lessons we can all learn from those we've heard from.

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45 minutes


  • Cancer Drugs

    A fund set up to improve patient access to cancer drugs has been badly managed

    Duration: 06:15

  • Litter

    Plans to fine people more when they're caught dropping litter

    Duration: 07:32

  • Care At Home

    Advice on getting the best care in your own home

    Duration: 09:39

  • Perfume

    A very personal approach to perfume production

    Duration: 04:49

  • Transgender Banking

    Problems banking over the phone for one transgender listener

    Duration: 05:57

  • Litter Minister

    The man in charge of tackling England's litter problem

    Duration: 04:25


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