Kate Adie introduces correspondents' stories from an island in the Baltic Sea, a festival in Mali, a forest in Belarus, an aid store in Ethiopia and a railway station in Finland.

In this edition: how Russian military activity above and below the surface of the Baltic Sea is causing increasing concern in Sweden; Ethiopia's suffering its worst drought in years - but with a buoyant economy why does it need international aid to help it cope? We find out why Finns appear to have fallen out of love with the migrants and why the migrants no longer seem fond of Finland; Belarus might have a reputation as Europe's last dictatorship but a visit to its capital Minsk reveals a positively gleaming city - a cathedral with standing room only and an opera house thronged with the well-heeled and the expensively turned-out. Mali's best-loved export, music, has struggled to make its voice heard during recent years of instability in the country. But a festival's just been staged in the capital, Bamako. Its aim, to show the world there's more to Mali than disorder and violence.

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