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Madagascar: A World Apart

Richard Fortey investigates why islands are laboratories of evolution. On Madagascar he discovers lemurs, the giraffe-necked weevil and the aye-aye.

Professor Richard Fortey travels to the rainforests of Madagascar - an ancient island that has spawned some of the most extraordinary groups of plants and animals anywhere in the world. From beautiful Indri lemurs, toxic frogs, and the cat-like giant mongoose called the fossa, to evolutionary oddities like the giraffe-necked weevil and the otherworldly aye-aye, he uncovers the secrets of the evolutionary niche - examining how, given millions of years, animals and plants can adapt to fill almost any opportunity they find.

1 hour



Role Contributor
Presenter Richard Fortey
Production Company Lion Television
Series Producer Shaun Trevisick
Director Sebastian Duthy
Editor Sebastian Duthy
Executive Producer Bill Locke
Assistant Producer Georgina Stewart
Production Manager Emma Falkus
Production Coordinator Katie King
Participant Rainer Dolch
Participant Regis Razafiarison
Participant Jonah Ratsimbazafy
Participant Devon Edmonds
Participant Eddie Manatijara
Participant Mrs Medolin
Participant Karen Simmonds
Participant Yousef
Participant Mad