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Slimming clubs, Criminal records checks, Unicom

Slimming clubs are facing competition from fitness technology that can be downloaded on phones, and police forces are missing targets for processing criminal records checks.

Police forces are missing targets for processing criminal records checks. People can't start work without them and are waiting up to 6 months for the application to come through.

Weight loss clubs are losing subscribers to the hundreds of fitness apps you can download on your phone. Weight Watchers tell us how they're changing their business to keep up with how people want to lose weight.

We investigate the telecoms company Unicom which is accused of chasing people for big termination fees when they close down their businesses.

In the first report of the week in our housing series, we report on how a council, a private company and a housing association grapple with a piece of land set to have new homes built on it.

And Pickering in North Yorkshire used to be devastated by floods, but this year it's managed to escape the deluge thanks to its natural flood defences. The local community explain how it works and how they managed to fund the project.

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  • Criminal Records Checks

    Police forces in England are not meeting processing targets for criminal records checks

    Duration: 07:23

  • Pickering Floods

    Engineering nature to save towns from flooding.

    Duration: 06:15

  • Unicom

    A Unicom customer is compensated after the company chased for her for termination fees

    Duration: 07:47

  • Weight Watchers

    Are traditional slimming clubs losing out to weight loss Apps?

    Duration: 05:36

  • BBC Food and Farming Awards

    How to get involved with the BBC's latest Food and Farming Awards

    Duration: 03:35

  • Housing

    How developers, housing associations and councils are preparing to build new homes

    Duration: 07:34


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