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Tracey Ullman, Tulip Siddiq MP on parliamentary voting, Burdening women with social care

Comedy star Tracey Ullman on her return to the British screen, Tulip Siddiq MP on a campaign to allow parliamentarians to vote from home, life as a cycle courier, women and caring.

Tracey Ullman joins Jane live to talk about her new BBC show, three decades after being seen on our screens in shows like Three of a Kind and Girls on Top. Since then she's become a huge comedy star in the US with The Tracey Ullman Show and other prime-time hits.

Would allowing Westminster MPs to vote from home help create a more family-friendly parliament? Labour MP Tulip Siddiq and Dr Ruth Fox of the Hansard Society discuss.

Former cycle courier Emily Chappell tells us about her life on the road as a delivering documents and packages in London. How what started as a stop-gap job in an emergency turned into a passion and way of life and how she got used to extreme exhaustion, and smelling like she'd never smelled before.

Why are women still most likely to be burdened with the care of elderly relatives or friends? Caroline Abrahams of Age UK discusses the impact of caring with Tommy Whitelaw who spent five years looking after his mother who had dementia.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Anne Peacock.

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  • Tracey Ullman

    The comedy star returns to British screens after 30 years, with Tracey Ullman’s Show.

    Duration: 14:17

  • MPs Voting From Home

    MP Tulip Siddiq and Dr Ruth Fox discuss whether MPs will ever be able to vote from home.

    Duration: 11:57

  • Cycle Courier - Emily Chappell

    Writer Emily Chappell tells us about her former life on the roads as a London courier.

    Duration: 07:11

  • Women and the Burden of Caring

    Why are women still most likely to be burdened caring for elderly relatives or friends?

    Duration: 09:00

Age UK

Information for carers from the UK based charity helping older people make the most of life.

Carer's Trust

Advice, education and support for carers.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Tracey Ullman
Interviewed Guest Tulip Siddiq
Interviewed Guest Ruth Fox
Interviewed Guest Emily Chappell
Interviewed Guest Caroline Abrahams
Producer Anne Peacock


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