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Scotland culture minister Fiona Hyslop, Children's social media, Walter Presents

Scotland's culture minister Fiona Hyslop discusses BBC spending in Scotland. Do journalists unfairly exploit children's social media? And a new foreign language TV channel.

Scotland's Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop says the BBC is not spending enough of the licence fee cash raised north of the border in Scotland.

Journalists are accused of unfairly harvesting information for stories from children's social media accounts. Is this legitimate use of information that has been put into the public arena? Or should anything posted online by a child always be off-limits to the media no matter what?

Channel Four launches a new foreign language drama on demand service called Walter Presents. We hear from Walter.

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  • Scotland's Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop

    Scotland's Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop on BBC spending.

    Duration: 11:28

  • Children's social media

    Former tabloid editor Paul Connew and Faith Gordon who conducted the research

    Duration: 07:46

  • Walter Presents

    Walter Iuzzolino on his new Channel 4 service offering personally picked foreign drama.

    Duration: 07:40


  • Wed 6 Jan 2016 16:30