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Mick Murphy, Ahmed Chalabi, Mattiwilda Dobbs, Brajraj Mahapatra and Holly Woodlawn

Matthew Bannister on Irish cyclist and circus performer Mick Murphy, Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi, singer Mattiwilda Dobbs, Indian Raja Brajraj Mahapatra, actress Holly Woodlawn.

Matthew Bannister on

The Irish cyclist, strong man and farm labourer Mick Murphy who won a famous victory in the 1958 round Ireland race.

The Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi who boasted that he tricked the Americans into invading his country.

The American soprano Mattiwilda Dobbs, who was the first black singer to appear at La Scala in Milan.

Ther last surviving Indian king from the days of the British Raj. Brajraj Mahapatra ended his days in poverty.

And Holly Woodlawn, the transgender actress who starred in Andy Warhol's film "Trash" and Lou Reed's song "Walk On The Wild Side"

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Mick Murphy

Matthew spoke to documentary film-maker; Peter Woods. Sports Presenter; Weeshie Fogarty pays tribute.

Born 28 April 1934; died 10 September 2015 aged 81

Ahmed Chalabi

Matthew spoke to BBC Middle East correspondent; Jim Muir.

Born 30 October 1944; died 3 November 2015 aged 71

Mattiwilda Dobbs

Matthew spoke to Singer and Academic; Dr Darryl Taylor. 

Born 11 July 1925; died 8 December 2015 aged 90

Brajraj Mahapatra

Matthew spoke with Assistant Editor at The Indian Express; Debabrata Mohanty. 

Born 15 October 1921, died 30 November 2015 aged 94

Holly Woodlawn (Pictured)

Born 26 October 1946; died 6 December 2015 aged 69


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