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Marcus Klingberg, William McIlvanney, Setsuko Hara, Joel Elkes and John Peel

Matthew Bannister on Israeli spy Marcus Klingberg, writer William McIlvanney, actress Setsuko Hara, pharmacologist Joel Elkes, anthropologist John Peel

Matthew Bannister on

The Israeli chemical weapons expert Marcus Klingberg, who was revealed to have been spying for the Soviet Union.

The Scottish writer William McIlvanney, best known for his Jack Laidlaw crime novels. Val McDermid pays tribute.

Setsuko Hara, one of Japan's most popular film actresses.

Joel Elkes, the pharmacologist who pioneered the use of drugs to treat schizophrenia.

And John Peel, the anthropologist who studied Nigeria's Yoruba people.

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Marcus Klingberg

Matthew spoke to journalist, Peter Pringle.

Born 7 October 1918; died 30 November 2015 aged 97

William McIlvanney (Pictured)

Matthew spoke to Scottish crime writer; Val McDermid and Broadcaster, Ruth Wishart pays tribute.

Born 25 November 1936; died 5 December 2015 aged 79

Setsuko Hara

Last Word spoke to writer and curator specialising in Japanese cinema, Jasper Sharp.

Born 17 June 1920; died 5 September 2015 aged 95

Joel Elkes

Matthew spoke to - Consultant Psychiatrist at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental health Foundation Trust, Professor Mohan Chitra. Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, James Harris pays tribute. 

Born 12 November 1913; died October 30 2015 aged 101

John Peel

Matthew spoke to Professor Paul Gifford.

Born 13 November 1941; died 2 November 2015 aged 73

John Trudell

Born 15 February 1946; died 8 December 2015 aged 69


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Presenter Matthew Bannister