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Bilingualism, Kevan Jones MP, Talking therapies and memorising art

Claudia Hammond finds out why bilingualism protects against damage caused by a stroke. Kevan Jones MP talks about his own mental health. Plus the success of talking therapies.

Claudia Hammond talks to Dr Catherine Loveday to find out why being bilingual can protect against the damage caused by a stroke. She explains why it might all be down to something called cognitive reserve. Kevan Jones MP explains why he chose to talk about his own experience of depression to parliament and explains his role as judge on this year's All in the Mind awards. In 2008 the government introduced 'Improving Access to Psychological Therapies' services for people with depression and anxiety across parts of England. IAPT has expanded in the 7 years since then but new figures just out reveal a huge variation in recovery rates and waiting times across England. Claudia talks to one of the founders of IAPT, Professor David Clark to ask why there is such a variety of success across the country and what can be done to improve it. Claudia visits Tate Liverpool and their 'An Imagined Museum' exhibition to find out how the brain remembers works of art.

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  • Tue 1 Dec 2015 21:00
  • Wed 2 Dec 2015 15:30

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