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Paris Attacks Coverage

The attacks in Paris dominated BBC Radio over much of the past week, but was the coverage too much? Plus the head of 5 live discusses the future of the station.

On Friday 13th November, Paris became the site of Western Europe's deadliest terrorist attack in over ten years. From the immediate aftermath of the attacks through to the end of the weekend and into this week, the story received heavy coverage across all BBC Radio networks, with BBC Radio 5 Live dedicating a whole day to rolling news about Paris on Saturday. It was a major story, but was BBC Radio's response proportionate? We hear your reaction.

As the fight over Britain's membership of the EU intensifies, the upcoming referendum has become ripe territory for BBC Radio 4's satirists. When last Friday's The Now Show took a comedic look at the subject, some listeners were deeply unhappy with what they perceived as a 'staying in' bias. Should the BBC be scrutinising its output for bias already? And is it possible to have truly balanced comedy? Roger Bolton speaks to the BBC's Chief Adviser on Politics, Ric Bailey.

This time last year, BBC Radio 5 Live's schedule was overhauled. Three of its biggest presenters, Shelagh Fogerty, Richard Bacon and Victoria Derbyshire, left and, as a consequence or not, so did 10% of the listenership. How has 5 Live fared since? Roger speaks to the network's controller Jonathan Wall to discuss ratings, sports rights and the booming sister station 5 Live Sports Extra.

Last week, a brand new DAB station called BBC Music Jazz burst into existence, offering listeners music by all the greats from Gershwin to Gillespie. BBC Music Jazz was a pop up station - a temporary digital channel created in collaboration with Jazz FM. And listeners loved it. We look back at the brief and smoking life of BBC Music's first Jazz pop up.

Producer: Katherine Godfrey.
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.

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