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Islamic Terrorism

Combative, provocative and engaging debate on the topic of Islamic terrorism. Chaired by Michael Buerk with Matthew Taylor, Claire Fox, Michael Portillo and Anne McElvoy.

Perhaps one of the truly shocking things to come out of the events in Paris this week is that the security services were expecting a mass casualty terrorist attack and there are almost certain to be more of them in the future. Does the nature of modern terrorism mean we now have to change our way of life including what many regard as our fundamental liberal values? Does the threat mean that we all have to accept less freedom and more surveillance? Does the Muslim community have to accept that inevitably they will be subject to more scrutiny? President Hollande has said that France will destroy IS and there are those who see Islamic terrorism as an existential threat to our civilisation. But in our rush to arms and the moral barricades are we in danger of sacrificing the core values that our societies have been built on? The Moral Maze has been following the issue of Islamic terrorism, fundamentalism and how we should react to it since 1994. Paris has now been added to the list that already includes London, Madrid and many others over those years. This week we'll be inviting back witnesses who've appeared on our programme about this issue over the decades to take an historical perspective and to ask "where we go from here?" Combative, provocative and engaging debate chaired by Michael Buerk with Matthew Taylor, Claire Fox, Michael Portillo and Anne McElvoy. Witnesses are Inayat Bunglawala, Simon Jenkins, Dr Taj Hargey and Edward Lucas.

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