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Saudi women - historic first vote in elections

Jenny Murray presents. Items include the historic first female vote in Saudi Arabia's elections, women in jazz and the science of visual attractiveness.

As Saudi women prepare to vote and stand in local elections for the first time next month, Rothna Begum of Human Rights Watch explains what this historic moment means for women in the region.

Plus, women in jazz - why are they so much more likely to be a singers than musicians? Pianist and composer Zoe Rahman and big band leader Issie Barratt share their insider views.

And Mirror Mirror - we continue our special look at appearance.

Getting ready - in the first of a series talking to different women about how they get dressed to go out and why, we speak to 16 year old Londoner, Hannah.

And the science of visual attractiveness - why do we find someone beautiful, what's the biological and psychological explanation behind all this, and how have our perceptions of physical beauty changed over time? Carmen Lefevre of University College London and art historian Lucinda Hawkesley tell all.

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58 minutes


  • Saudi women - historic first vote in elections

    Rothna Begum explains what this historic moment means for women in the region

    Duration: 06:30

  • The maths and science of beauty - Mirror, Mirror

    Carmen Lefevre and Lucinda Hawkesley discuss the science of visual attractiveness

    Duration: 10:48

  • Teenager getting ready - Mirror, Mirror

    16 year old Londoner, Hannah explains her daily routine and how she gets ready

    Duration: 11:23

  • London Jazz Festival

    Zoe Rahman and Issie Barratt talk about female jazz instrumentalists

    Duration: 08:48


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Emma Wallace
Interviewed Guest Rothna Begum
Interviewed Guest Zoe Rahman
Interviewed Guest Issie Barratt
Interviewed Guest Carmen Lefevre
Interviewed Guest Lucinda Hawkesley


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