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Carrie Brownstein, Explaining the Paris attacks for teens, Appearance

Jane Garvey presents discussion on teenagers hearing about the Paris attacks via social media, graphic artist Una and feminist punk band Sleater Kinney.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Kirsty Starkey

Many teenagers first heard about the Paris attacks on Friday via social media - some even knew about the events before their parents. But with information streaming in from all directions what is the best way to talk toyoung people about the attacks and which news stories can they trust?

Joining us all through the programme is graphic artist 'Una'. She talks about the process of capturing the essence of people in cartoons and will be live sketching and tweeting, drawing members of the BBC production team and our guests.

In 1996, Carrie Brownstein's feminist punk band Sleater Kinney grew out of the Washington State Riot Grrrl scene which put women to the fore of music. Ten years on, she has a new memoir about her life in music, Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, and the band have returned with a new album, No Cities to Love, which came out in January.

As she prepared for her wedding, Kjerstin Gruys found herself feeling bad about the way that she looked. To counter the negative feelings, she decided to stop looking in mirrors. She spent one whole year living without mirrors, not even checking her image on her wedding day. She talks to Jane about the experiment and its results.

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58 minutes


  • Explaining the Paris attacks to children and teenagers

    We ask Judith Woods and Nicky Cox how we can explain the Paris attacks to our children

    Duration: 08:59

  • Graphic Artist Una - Part 1

    Graphic artist Una draws our guests and colleagues live in the studio

    Duration: 02:11

  • Carrie Brownstein

    The guitarist for feminist punk band Sleater Kinney talks to Jane about her life in music

    Duration: 10:54

  • Graphic Artist Una - Part 2

    Graphic artist Una draws our guests and colleagues live in the studio

    Duration: 01:54

  • Louise Jopling - A Portrait of Fashion

    Aileen Ribeiro on the portrait of Louise Jopling in the National Portrait Gallery

    Duration: 07:15

  • A Year Without a Mirror - Kjerstin Gruys

    The American sociologist tells us how she avoided mirrors for a whole year, and why

    Duration: 08:03

  • Graphic Artist Una - Part 3

    Graphic artist Una draws our guests and colleagues live in the studio

    Duration: 01:33


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Judith Woods
Interviewed Guest Nicky Cox
Interviewed Guest Una
Interviewed Guest Carrie Brownstein
Interviewed Guest Kjerstin Gruys
Producer Kirsty Starkey


  • Tue 17 Nov 2015 10:00

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