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Helmut Schmidt, Pat Eddery, Julia Jones, Lord Noon and Nat Peck

Obituary series, analysing and celebrating the life stories of people who have recently died.

Matthew Bannister on

Helmut Schmidt, the German Chancellor who helped to design the European Monetary System and agreed that US nuclear weapons could be sited in his country. His friend the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pays tribute.

Also the jockey Pat Eddery - Willie Carson remembers their rivalry on the course and their friendship off it.

The actress and TV scriptwriter Julia Jones, who wrote the sitcom Take Three Girls and the period drama The Duchess of Duke Street.

The businessman Lord Noon who made millions by selling authentic take away Indian curries to the British.

And the trombonist Nat Peck, last survivor of the Glenn Miller Band.

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Helmut Schmidt (pictured)

Matthew spoke to Lord Owen and Henry Kissinger who pay tribute.

Born 23 December 1918; died 10 November 2015 aged 96.

Pat Eddery

Last Word spoke to the BBC’s horse racing correspondent, Cornelius Lysaght and friend and rival, jockey Willie Carson.

Born 18 March 1952; died 10 November 2015 aged 63.

Julia Jones

Matthew spoke to author and Chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, Gail Renard.

Born 27 March 1923; died 9 October 2015 aged 92.

Lord Noon

Last Word spoke to President of the Indian Journalists' Association, Amit Roy.

Born 24 January 1936; died 27 October 2015 aged 79.

Nat Peck

Born 13 January 1925; died 24 October 2015 aged 90.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Henry Kissinger
Interviewed Guest Willie Carson
Interviewed Guest David Owen
Interviewed Guest Cornelius Lysaght
Interviewed Guest Gail Renard
Interviewed Guest Amit Roy
Producer Neil George