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Nigel Slater, New HRT guidelines, Astronaut Sandra Magnus, Sloane Crosley

What do new Nice guidelines mean for women facing the menopause? With Jenni Murray.

As the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) launches its first clinical guideline on diagnosing and managing menopause Jenni talks to Melanie Davies Clinical Director of the Guideline Centre and Consultant Gynaecologist and GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis about what the guidelines mean for women experiencing symptoms that impact significantly on their daily lives.

Nigel Slater cooks the perfect autumn cake and talks about his new seasonally inspired cookbook 'A Year of Good Eating'.

Professor Aileen Ribeiro deconstructs the portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft hanging in the National Portrait Gallery.

Astronaut Sandra Magnus talks about her life in engineering, ahead of speaking at the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Awards.

Sloane Crosley made her name with essays about her own life as a young woman in New York. Now she's published her first novel, The Clasp, which is a comedy inspired by a tragic short story, The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Eleanor Garland.

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45 minutes


  • HRT - NICE guidelines

    Melanie Davies & Dr Sarah Jarvis discuss the effect on women going through the menopause

    Duration: 11:58

  • Astronaut Sandra Magnus

    Sandra talks about her life, her education and what it's like on the ISS

    Duration: 08:01

  • Nigel Slater

    Nigel cooks the perfect autumn cake and talks about the 'demonising' of foods

    Duration: 08:49

  • Sloane Crosley

    Sloane disscusses her book - a comedy inspired by The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

    Duration: 07:56

  • Mary Wollestonecraft - A Portrait of Fashion

    Aileen Ribeiro on the portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft in the National Portrait Gallery

    Duration: 07:40


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest Melanie Davies
Interviewed Guest Sarah Jarvis
Interviewed Guest Nigel Slater
Interviewed Guest Aileen Ribeiro
Interviewed Guest Sandra Magnus
Interviewed Guest Sloane Crosley
Producer Eleanor Garland


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