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Making women visible, Elizabeth I, Children in Need drama

Do women deserve better public recognition for their achievements, from statues to passports? Plus the fashion of Elizabeth I, and Children in Need drama on looked-after children.

Do women deserve better public recognition for their achievements? With only two women featuring for creativity in the pages of the new UK passport, does it matter? With public historian professor Helen Weinstein and artist Terri Bell-Halliwell, a campaigner for more statues of women across the country.

Women in Ireland are tweeting taoiseach Enda Kenny with details about their periods to draw attention to a campaign to change the country's abortion laws. What impact do social media campaigns like this have and what do they say about women's engagement with the political process? With Irish journalist and commentator Susan McKay and Helen Lewis deputy editor of the New Statesman.

A new book A Portrait of Fashion explores the story of six centuries of dress through the collection of the National Portrait Gallery. Author professor Aileen Ribeiro, Emeritus professor of the History of Art at the Courtauld Institute, takes Jane on a tour of portraits of famous women in the gallery, starting with Elizabeth I.

British artist and cartoonist Rachel Ball's debut graphic novel The Inflatable Woman began life as an online blog. It tells the story of Iris the zookeeper who's looking for love when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She talks to Jane about why her own cancer diagnosis inspired her to put the book together.

The personal and emotional challenges facing children in foster care who want to be with parents unable to look after them are explored in this week's Children in Need drama, D For Dexter. Katie Nicklin of Hull Children's University, Vivian McConvey, chief executive of Voice Of Young People In Care and drama director Mary Ward-Lowery join Jane to discuss.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Anne Peacock.

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58 minutes


  • Irish Abortion Campaign

    The social media campaign to change abortion laws

    Duration: 09:18

  • Portraits and Fashion - six centuries of dress

    Prof. Aileen Ribeiro shows Jane some of the famous women in the National Portrait Gallery

    Duration: 06:53

  • Women in Public Life

    Prof Helen Weinstein & artist Terri Bell-Halliwell campaign for more statues of women

    Duration: 09:04

  • The Inflatable Woman

    Artist Rachel Ball on her graphic novel and breast cancer diagnosis

    Duration: 08:07

  • D for Dexter

    Katie Nicklin, Vivian McConvey & Mary Ward-Lowery on the new Children in Need Documentary

    Duration: 08:25


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Interviewed Guest Helen Weinstein
Interviewed Guest Terri Bell-Halliwell
Interviewed Guest Susan McKay
Interviewed Guest Helen Lewis
Interviewed Guest Aileen Ribeiro
Interviewed Guest Rachel Ball
Interviewed Guest Katie Nicklin
Interviewed Guest Vivian McConvey
Interviewed Guest Mary Ward-Lowery
Producer Anne Peacock


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