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Norman Moore, Diane Charlemagne, Professor David Cesarani, Colin Welland and Peter Donaldson

Matthew Bannister on a conservationist, a singer, an historian, an actor, a newsreader

Matthew Bannister on

Norman Moore, the conservationist who discovered that organochorine pesticides were decimating the UK's bird of prey population. He fought a twenty year campaign to have them banned.

The singer Diane Charlemagne - known as the diva of drum and bass. We have a tribute from Moby.

The academic David Cesarani - a leading authority on modern Jewish history.

The actor and screenwriter Colin Welland who, on winning an Oscar for Chariots of Fire, announced "The British Are Coming".

And a powerful poem read by the Radio 4 newsreader and Chief Announcer Peter Donaldson.

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28 minutes

Norman Moore

Matthew spoke to David Chelmick, friend and fellow conservationist.

Born 24 February 1923; died 21 October 2015 aged 92

Diane Charlemagne

Matthew spoke to music journalist Jacqueline Springer and Moby pays tribute.

Born 2 February 1964; died 28 October 2015 aged 51

Professor David Cesarani OBE

Matthew spoke to Friend, fellow student, and now Director of the Institute of Historical Research, Lawrence Goldman.

Born 13 November 1956; died 28 October 2015 aged 58

Colin Welland

Last Word spoke to author Tony Hannan.

Born 4 July 1934; died 2 November 2015 aged 81

Peter Donaldson (Pictured)

Matthew spoke to former BBC Radio 4 continuity announcer, Peter Jefferson.

Born 23 August 1945; died 2 November 2015 aged 70


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest David Chelmick
Interviewed Guest Jacqueline Springer
Interviewed Guest Moby
Interviewed Guest Lawrence Goldman
Interviewed Guest Tony Hannan
Interviewed Guest Peter Jefferson
Producer Neil George