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Clare Balding brings Faith in the World Week to a close. Her guests include the Christian writer Patricia Raybon and her Muslim daughter Alana.

Clare Balding presents the topical faith and music programme bringing to a close this year's Faith in the World week. Her guests include Patricia Raybon and her daughter Alana who had to reconcile their differences over their religious beliefs. She'll also hear from a Sikh 'vlogger who's been making an impact through his videos - and the man who converted to Sikhism because of them.

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Sun 25 Oct 2015 07:00

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Patricia and Alana Raybon

Patricia and Alana Raybon
Patricia Raybon brought up her daughter, Alana, to follow in her strong Christian faith. But mother and daughter found a great gulf within their lives when Alana decided to leave the church and become a practicing Muslim. "My mother knew I had been exploring Islam… I called her and said ‘Mom I’ve decided to practice Islam.' There was silence on the other end of the ‘phone." Patricia and Alana have published a book called ‘Undivided’ which explores their relationship and they talk to Clare for Radio 2’s Faith in the World Week.

The Reverend Mimi Asher

The Reverend Mimi Asher
The Revd Mimi Asher is today’s faith guest. When Mimi learnt that her teenage son, Michael, had joined a local gang, she decided that the best way to end his involvement was by getting to know the gang. Today, she runs a youth ministry in London and has been awarded two prizes for peace.

Jagraj Singh

Jagraj Singh
Jagraj Singh is a Vlogger who runs ‘The Basics of Sikhi’ which has its own YouTube channel teaching the basics about Sikhism. With nearly 30, 000 subscribers, his story illustrates the popularity of social media in multi-faith Britain.