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Lord Denis Healey, Carmen Balcells, Henning Mankell, Revd Kenneth Leech and Captain Bob Arnott

Lucy Ash talks about Labour politician Denis Healey, literary agent Carmen Balcells, crime writer Henning Mankell, campaigning churchman Kennenth Leech and QE2 captain Bob Arnott.

Lucy Ash on the former Labour politician Denis Healey who was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Winter of Discontent in 70s; Catalan literary agent Carmen Ballcells known as Big Mamma to her Nobel Prize winning authors;Captain Bob Arnott, beloved by his passengers on the QE2; Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell and radical priest Reverend Kenneth Leech, who founded the homelessness charity Centrepoint.

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28 minutes

Lord Denis Healey (pictured)

Last Word spoke to his son Tim Healey and to former BBC Economic Correspondent James Long.

Born 30 August 1917; died 3 October 2015 aged 98.

Carmen Balcells

Last Word spoke to Writer Isabel Allende and Emeritus Professor of Latin American Literature John King.

Born 9 August 1930; Died 20 September 2015 aged 85.

Captain Bob Arnott

Last Word spoke to former Captain of the QE2 Captain Stanley and Bob’s son Roger Arnott.

Born 17 July 1923; Died 27 August 2015 aged 92.

Henning Mankell

Born 3 February 1948; Died 5 October 2015 aged 67.

Reverend Kenneth Leech

Last Word spoke to Sandy Marks, a former homeless teenager helped by Centrepoint; to Balbir Chatrik who is the director of policy at the charity and to Dr Rowan Williams who knew and worked with Revd Leech.

Born 15 June 1939; Died 12 September 2015 aged 76.


Role Contributor
Presenter Lucy Ash
Interviewed Guest Tim Healey
Interviewed Guest James Longman
Interviewed Guest Isabel Allende
Interviewed Guest John King
Interviewed Guest Captain Stanley
Interviewed Guest Roger Arnott
Interviewed Guest Sandy Marks
Interviewed Guest Balbir Chatrik
Interviewed Guest Dr Rowan Williams
Producer Neil George