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Episode 4

Michael Goldfarb discusses the books and films that helped turn the post-World War II generation of American children into the rebels of the late 1960s.

As people get deep into middle age it's normal to look back at your childhood through a golden haze of nostalgia. But what if things really were better in the past? What if, by chance, you were born and grew up in a time and place of unprecedented economic growth and stability?

In this series of five talks for The Essay, Michael Goldfarb, born in the middle of the American Century, looks back at growing up in a US where things really were better: economically and socially. As the US struggles with growing inequality and political gridlock, Goldfarb remembers being born in the afterglow of World War 2, and how the "children of victory" were certain that the future would always be bright.

In this programme, Michael looks at the books and films that turned the children of victory born after the Second World War into the rebels of 1968.

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The Book that Changed Me

The Book that Changed Me

Five figures from the arts and science introduce books that changed their lives and work.

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