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Dementia, Psychology science, John Conway, Red cards, Decimate

Tim Harford investigates whether one in three people born in the UK this year will get dementia and if there is a problem with psychological science.

What's behind the claim that 1 in 3 people born in the UK this year could get dementia?

How reliable is the science in psychology?
The Reproducibility of Psychological Science project reported recently and it made grim reading. Having replicated 100 psychological studies published in three psychology journals only thirty six had significant results compared to 97% first time around. So is there a problem with psychological science and what should be done to fix it?

One of mathematics' enigmas
He is described as one of the most charismatic mathematicians but he is also shy and enigmatic. Professor John Conway has been described as a genius whose most famous innovation is the cell automaton The Game of Life - Tim talks to Siobhan Roberts about the man and his life. Thanks to Numberphile for allowing us to use a clip of their John Conway interview in this piece. Listen to their full interview with John Conway here and you can see other number goodness at

Is it more difficult to play against ten men?
Arsene Wenger has said it, Sam Allerdyce and Steve Bruce have said it too - it's more difficult to play against ten men. It's an oft quoted footballing cliché but is there any truth in it?

Tim used the word in an interview last week to mean devastate rather than cut by ten percent - many listeners said this was unforgivable - was it? - We ask Oliver Kamm - Author of 'Accidence Will Happen: The Non-Pedantic Guide to English Usage'.

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