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New Job

4 Extra Debut. Will makes himself the model candidate, learning what the public want from greetings cards. Stars Richard Marsh. From 2015.

Award-winning writer and poet Richard Marsh stars alongside Russell Tovey, Phil Daniels and Rebecca Scroggs in this heart-warming sitcom set in a greetings card company.

In this opening episode, the gang battle for promotion. Will tries to make himself the model candidate and takes to the streets to learn what the public really want when it comes to greetings cards - but he finds that all he really wants to do is make himself the model candidate for the attractive woman he meets.

Richard Marsh plays Will, a hapless romantic who's keen to find love and an aspiring writer with a 9 to 5 job writing poetry at a greetings card company.

Will shares an office with Goadsby (Rebecca Scroggs), who's responsible for the card artwork and being Will's nemesis, Colin (Sam Troughton), the firm's safety and survival-obsessed accountant, and charming renegade salesman Beast (Russell Tovey). Phil Daniels plays Rog, their roguish boss.

Paid to express heartfelt emotions for people he will never meet, Will consistently fails to express himself properly to anyone he does meet. Every social interaction is a minefield for Will. In his head, he knows exactly what to say but the minute he opens his mouth, it's a disaster. Luckily for you, Will shares his inner thoughts with the audience.

Written and created by Richard Marsh.

Director: Pia Furtado
Producer: Ben Worsfield

A Lucky Giant production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in 2015.

30 minutes

On radio

Thursday 22:30

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Role Contributor
Rog Phil Daniels
Will Richard Marsh
Vicky Olivia Poulet
Goadsby Rebecca Scroggs
Beast Russell Tovey
Colin Sam Troughton
Writer Richard Marsh
Producer Ben Worsfield
Director Pia Furtado