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Poundland merger, Contaminated water, BBQ charcoal

Consumer news. Budget retailer Poundland has been given the go-ahead to take over rival chain 99p Stores. And how much do listeners know about where barbeque charcoal comes from?

Budget retailer Poundland has been given the go ahead to take over rival chain 99p Stores. Melanie Abbott discusses the companies future plans with CEO Jim McCarthy.

And how much do you know about where your barbeque charcoal came from this summer? A report says much of what we are burning in the UK is produced on farms in Namibia, where trees are being felled illegally, and workers live in poor conditions.

Presented by Melanie Abbott
Produced by Natalie Donovan.

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45 minutes


  • Pensions

    With the introduction of the new flat rate pension in 2016, will all pensioners benefit?

    Duration: 05:01

  • Contaminated Water Supply

    Will the people of Lancashire be compensated for the contaminated water supply?

    Duration: 04:25

  • Poundland Takeover

    Poundland CEO Jim McCarthy talks about the effects of the 99p Stores takeover

    Duration: 06:16

  • Flight Compensation

    With stricter rules for flight compensation, why are people still being refused payouts?

    Duration: 06:49

  • Morrisons Vertical Integration

    By owning its supply chain, Morrisons are hoping to have the edge in the supermarket wars

  • BBQ Charcoal

    Charcoal sourced from Namibia has been produced using dangerous production methods

    Duration: 06:35


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