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Peter Day visits the newly opened the National Graphene Institute, in Manchester, to discover how wonder material graphene, discovered ten years ago, can be used in the future.

It would take an elephant balanced on the tip of a pencil to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness cling film. That's the description those promoting this new wonder material like to use to illustrate the strength of graphene.
The atomic material was isolated by two scientists at Manchester University in 2004. Now, just over a decade and one Nobel prize later, Peter Day visits the newly opened the National Graphene Institute. Its aim is to bring business and science together, to develop potential future uses for graphene. Will this strategy succeed where Britain's past attempts to spin out scientific discoveries have not?

Producer: Sandra Kanthal.

(Image credit: The University of Manchester)

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30 minutes

Contributors include:

Dr Nigel Salter, Managing Director, 2-DTech


Dr Paul Wiper, Research Associate, National Graphene Institute


James Baker, Business Director, National Graphene Institute


Eddie Smith, Strategic Director for Manchester City Council


Dr Ania Servent, Knowledge Exchange Fellow, National Graphene Institute


David Edgerton, Professor of the History of Science and Technology, Kings College London


Jonathan Haskell, Professor of Economics, Imperial College Business School


Morten Froseth, CEO, CrayoNano


Dr Achim Hoffmann IP Group


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