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Camping and Romance

Would you breast feed another woman's baby? How to classify films with themes of teenage sexuality. The woman who captivated CS Lewis. And the challenges of romance in a tent.

Would you breast feed another woman's baby? The history of the wet nurse; The dilemmas of classifying films which deal with teenagers and sexuality; The story of Joy Davidman, the woman who captivated C.S. Lewis and inspired Shadowlands; And canoodling under canvas - is it possible to get romantic in a tent?

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  • Wet nursing

    Duration: 08:49

  • Diary of a Teenage Girl

    Duration: 08:52

  • Abigail Santamaria on Joy Davidman

    Duration: 09:40

  • Men: Family, Fatherhood and Relationships

    Duration: 06:52

  • Romance And Camping

    Duration: 07:00

Abigail Santamaria on Joy Davidman

The love affair between Joy Davidman and the writer CS Lewis was  immortalised in the 1993 film Shadowlands starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. But a new book - 'Joy: poet, seeker and the woman who captivated C.S Lewis' by Abigail Santamaria, tells the full story of her life that led her from being a New York Communist to  living in Oxford as a Christian wife.


Men: Family, Fatherhood and Relationships

The next in the series in which Suzi Godson the Times relationship columnist speaks to men from their twenties to their eighties about their experiences. Today, Mali. His father was absent and he in turn lost contact with his own sons from his first marriage.  This drove him to join the Black Father’s Support Group and he describes the importance of having other fathers as role models and challenging stereotypes about black fathers.

Romance And Camping

With many of us setting off for summer camping holidays and the festival season well underway, is it possible to get passionate in a tent? It may sound so romantic – meaningful glances over the campfire, cuddling up in your sleeping bags and waking to the dawn chorus.  But is the reality more likely to be a furious row about how to put the tent up, no shower for the best part of a week and a leaking groundsheet?  Jenni is joined by writer and journalist Nell Frizzell and Matthew De Abaitua, the author of The Art of Camping, to discuss canoodling under canvas.


Wet nursing

A woman has sparked controversy after posting a picture on social media showing her breastfeeding a friend’s son. The boy’s mother said she had nothing but gratitude for her but critics argue that the breastfeeding bond is best kept between a mother and a child. The practice of wet nursing has a long history – mentioned in early medical texts, including those by Aristotle and Ibn Sina. To discuss Jenni is joined by social historian Christina Hardyment and Amy Licence author of ‘Royal Babies: A History 1066-2013’

Diary of a Teenage Girl and female sexuality in film

The British Board of Film Classification recently awarded The Diary of a Teenage Girl an 18 certificate. The film is about 15 year Minnie, growing up in 1970s San Francisco, who wants to have sex and she gets her chance. The catch is that the man she has sex with is 35 years old and her mother’s boyfriend. Film journalist Karen Krizanovich thinks that the film should have been a 15 certificate, allowing girls of Minnie’s age to see the movie, but Alice Vincent from the Telegraph disagrees. So should the film be an 18 and what does this rating tell us about the portrayal of teenage girls and sex in films?


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Louise Adamson
Interviewed Guest Christina Hardyment
Interviewed Guest Amy Licence
Interviewed Guest Abigail Santamaria
Interviewed Guest Karen Krizanovich
Interviewed Guest Alice Vincent
Interviewed Guest Nell Frizzell
Interviewed Guest Matthew De Abaitua


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