Politics and Witchcraft

Reports from writers and journalists around the world. Presented by Kate Adie. Election candidates in Tanzania are warned not to use black magic in their attempts to win the vote.

The stories behind the news. In this edition: the government in Tanzania warns of the dangers of black magic as the country prepares to go to the polls in October; how the presence of militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula, who are allied to the so-called Islamic State, marks an ominous turn for the authorities in Cairo; in the Czech Republic there's a plan to extend overcast mining in what was once a largely-undisturbed landscape of pine forests and deep valleys -- and it could have severe consequences for some of the people living there; an island community pulls together as a medical emergency descends on distant Tristan da Cunha, six days' sail away from specialist health treatment. And the music, the cars, the sunshine and the history - they're all part of the daily drive to work enjoyed by our man in the Cuban capital, Havana.

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