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A Special Edition Broadcast Live from East London Mosque

Edward Stourton presents Sunday live from the East London Mosque and asks what do Muslims here think about David Cameron's five-year plan to combat Islamist extremism.

In the week in which David Cameron set out his 5 year plan to combat Islamist extremism, Edward Stourton asks what do Muslims in Britain think about the PM's proposals?

In a special programme from the East London Mosque, Salman Farsi takes Edward from the main prayer hall to the bee hives, to give him an insight into running a 21st century Mosque. On the way he visits it's archives, an historic collection which documents the history of one of the UK's oldest mosques.

Inter-faith dialogue used to be about theological debates between the 'religious elite.' Trevor Barnes reports on the Near Neighbours Programme which tries to build trust between communities in East London.

Ed Kessler from the Woolf Institute and Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari from the East London Mosque discuss the effectiveness of the efforts made so far to break down barriers and build greater understanding between faiths.

We are out and about with community hero - Sister Christine Frost - a catholic nun who has spent the last 45 years living and working on a largely Bengali Muslim estate in Tower Hamlets.

Imam Yunus Dudhwala, head of Chaplaincy Services at Barts NHS Trust, explains why Muslims have to wait on average a year longer than non-Muslims for a transplant.

David Cook
Dan Tierney

Amanda Hancox.

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  • East London Mosque Tour

    From the prayer hall to bee hives, we're given an insight into this 21st century Mosque.

    Duration: 05:47

  • Organ Donation

    What does Islam say about organ donations?

    Duration: 03:45

  • Archive

    Edward searches through the archive of the East London Mosque.

    Duration: 03:52

  • Community

    The Near Neighbours Programme is trying to build trust between communities in East London

    Duration: 11:55

  • Sister Christine

    Hear Sister Christine at large in the community.

    Duration: 04:19

  • Young Muslims

    Young Muslims thoughts on David Cameron’s latest proposals to combat Islamist extremism.

    Duration: 12:25


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