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Spiritualism and scepticism - should ghosts be on Radio 4? Plus thoughts and views on the BBC's future, and Noel Gallagher casts listeners' minds back to the 1990s.

The Government has opened the public consultation period on the future of the BBC - but how much impact will your views have on their decision? The BBC Trust has also launched its own public consultation. Some Feedback listeners say they're confused about the process and what they're being consulted on. Roger Bolton sheds some light on the process.

For the last three weeks, Radio 4's One to One interview has featured Selina Scott looking at the world of ghostly apparitions. The series has drawn criticism from some listeners, who felt that a more scientific and challenging approach was needed. Series Producer Lucy Lunt discusses whether there is a place on Radio 4 for the spiritual and non-scientific.

Feedback about the quality of science reporting often appears in our inbox - some listeners cry 'oversimplification' and 'sensationalism'. But in this week's programme we hear from a listener with cautious praise for a Today Programme report on a possible link between tobacco and psychosis. Journalists dealing with health and science have to report in a world of competitive academia and commercial pharmaceuticals, with reports and studies vying for influence and publicity. Roger speaks to the BBC's Health Correspondent Jane Dreaper, to find out how she approaches reporting scientific research and potential medical breakthroughs.

And finally, Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher sat down with Kirtsy Young to choose his Desert Island Discs this week. While some listeners thought that the Britpop Mancunian wasn't really Desert Island Discs material, many others praised the programme for revealing Gallagher's softer side.

Producer: Katherine Godfrey
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.

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