Shaping a New World Order

Insight into what's happening around the world. In this edition: the world's great powers strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear capability. Why the agreement can be seen as acknowledgement of Iran's status as a regional power, that in effect nothing can be settled in the modern Middle East without the Iranians. Child trafficking is commonplace in Togo, one of the poorest countries in the world. In a place where children are often regarded as a potential drain on income, trying to make money out of them's become a cultural norm. The Twitter-sphere has been having fun since the spectacular jailbreak of that drugs boss in Mexico, but the escape's dealt a serious blow to the already-tarnished reputation of the country's president. One of the BBC's longest-serving and most-respected reporters is hanging up his microphone. We are told about the lessons he's learned in fifty years on the road. And in Arizona we go on a hair-raising helicopter ride with a man who has millions of dollars to give away to deserving causes.

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