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Building a Library: Brahms Cello Sonata No 2 in F, Op 99

With Andrew McGregor. Including Building a Library: Brahms Cello Sonata No 2 in F, Op 99; A new box set released by early music label SEON; Disc of the Week.

with Andrew McGregor

Building a Library: Brahms Cello Sonata No.2 in F major, Op.99
Katy Hamilton compares recordings of the second cello sonata by Johannes Brahms, written more than twenty years after his first during a summer retreat in 1886 at Hofstetten near Lake Thun in Switzerland. Its fiery exuberant character is a world away from the brooding, nostalgic nature its predecessor. Recordings under the spotlight include those by Janos Starker and Pierre Fournier alongside more recent performances by Norbert Anger and Steven Isserlis.

Hannah French joins Andrew to talk through the 85-disc box set recently released by the legendary early music label SEON which was founded in 1969 as one of the first labels dedicated only to authentic music with a focus on recording upcoming stars such as Frans Brüggen, Anner Bylsma and Gustav Leonhardt.

Andrew chooses a fantastic new recording as his Disc of the Week.

3 hours, 12 minutes

Music Played

  • Franz Schubert

    Symphony No. 9 In C Major D.944 (Great)

    Conductor: Claudio Abbado. Orchestra: Orchestra Mozart.
    • Deutsche Grammophon: 479 4652.
    • Deutsche Grammophon.
    • 1.
  • Antonio Caldara

    Trio Sonata [da Chiesa] Op.1`12 For 2 Violins, Cello And Organ

    Performer: Jonathan Pesek. Performer: Leila Schayegh. Performer: Amandine Beyer. Performer: Jorg Andreas Botticher. Performer: Matthias Spaeter.
    • Glossa: GCD 922514.
    • Glossa.
    • 10.
  • John Paul Jones

    Al son de los arroyuelos (Amores Pasados For 4 Voices & Continuo)

    Performer: Ariel Abramovich. Performer: Jacob Heringman. Singer: John Potter. Singer: Anna Maria Friman.
    • ECM: 481 1555.
    • ECM.
    • 1.
  • Erwin Schulhoff

    Quartet No. 1 For Strings (iv Andante)

    Performer: Ragazze Quartet.
    • Channel Classics: CCS SA 36815.
    • Channel Classics.
    • 4.
  • Orlande de Lassus

    In me transierunt irae tuae

    Choir: Cinquecento.
  • Leonardo Vinci

    Sinfonia - Catone in Utica

    Orchestra: Il Pomo d’Oro. Conductor: Riccardo Minasi.
    • Decca: 478 8194.
    • Decca.
    • 1.
  • Leonardo Vinci

    Catone In Utica - Act 3 Scene 9: Quartet 'Deh! In vita '

    Performer: Valer Barna-Sabadus. Performer: Juan Sancho. Performer: Vince Yi. Orchestra: Il Pomo d’Oro. Conductor: Riccardo Minasi. Singer: Franco Fagioli.
    • Decca: 478 8194.
    • Decca.
    • 18.
  • André Campra

    Tancrede - Act 4 Scene 7 'Estes-vous satistaits'

    Singer: Isabelle Druet. Orchestra: Orchestre Les Temps Presents. Conductor: Olivier Schneebeli.
    • Alpha 958.
    • Alpha.
    • 11.
  • Antonio Salieri

    Les Danaides - Act 4 'Helas!...'

    Performer: Philippe Talbot. Performer: Thomas Dolie. Choir: Les Page Et Les Chantres Du Centre De Musique Baroque De Versailles. Ensemble: Les Talens Lyriques. Conductor: Christophe Rousset. Singer: Judith van Wanroij.
    • Ediciones Singulares: ES 1019.
    • Ediciones Singulares.
    • 7.
  • Franz Schubert

    Symphony No. 9 In C Major D.944 (i & ii movements)

    Conductor: Claudio Abbado. Orchestra: Orchestra Mozart.
    • Deutsche Grammophon: 479 4652.
    • Deutsche Grammophon.
    • 1.


Antonio Caldara: Trio Sonatas

CALDARA: Sonata a 3 in B flat major Op. 1 No. 4; Sonata in G minor Op. 2, No. 4; Sonata a 3 in D minor Op. 1 No. 12; Sonata in E major Op. 2, No. 11; Sonata a tre in E minor Op. 1, No. 5; Sonata in F major Op. 2, No. 8; Sonata in C minor Op. 1, No. 6; Sonata in B flta major Op. 2, No. 2; Chiaccona in B flat major Op. 2, No. 12

Amandine Beyer (violin), Leila Schayegh (violin), Jonathan Pesek (cello), Jorg-Andreas Botticher (harpsichord, organ), Matthias Spaeter (liuto attiorbato)



Amores Pasados

BANKS: The cypress curtain of the night

CAMPION: Follow thy fair sun; Oft have I sigh’d for him that hears me not; The cypress curtain of the night

JONES: Al son de los arroyuelos; No dormia; So ell encina

MOERAN: Oh fair enough are sky and plain

PICFORTH: In Nomine 1; In Nomine 2

STING: Bury me deep in the greenwood


John Potter (voice), Anna Maria Friman (voice, Hardanger fiddle), Ariel Abramovich, Jacob Heringman (lutes)

ECM 4811555 (CD)



DVORAK: String Quartet No. 13 in G major Op. 106 (B192)

SCHULHOFF: String Quartet No. 1; Esquisses de jazz, WV 90

Ragazze Quartet



Lassus: Missa super Dixit Joseph & motets

LASSUS: Confitemini Domino; Missa super Dixit Joseph; Dixit Joseph undecim fratribus suis; In me transierunt irae tuae; O Mors, quam amara; Deus, Qui Sedes; Si bona suscepimus; Deus, canticum novum; Veni dilecte mi; Fallax gratia; Timor et Tremor


HYPERION CDA68064 (CD mid-price)

9.30am Building a Library

Katy Hamilton compares recordings of Brahms’s second cello sonata and makes a personal recommendation.


Top Recommendation:


Brahms: Sonatas for Cello and Piano

BRAHMS: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F major Op. 99; Cello Sonata No. 1 in E Minor Op. 38

Miklos Perenyi (cello), Zoltan Kocsis (piano)


10.20am New releases of Opera

VINCI, LEONARDO: Catone in Utica

Max Emanuel Cencic (Arbace), Franco Fagioli (Cesare), Valer Sabadus (Marzia), Martin Mitterutzner (Fulvio), Vince Yi (Emilia), Juan Sancho (Catone), Il Pomo D'oro, Riccardo Minasi (conductor)

DECCA 4788194 (3CD)


CAMPRA: Tancrede

Benoit Arnould (Tancrede), Isabelle Druet (Clorinde), Chantal Santon (Herminie), Alain Buet (Argant), Eric Martin-Bonnet (Ismenor), Les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, Orchestre Les Temps Presents, Olivier Schneebeli (conductor)

ALPHA ALPHA958 (3CD mid-price)


SALIERI: Les Danaides

Judith van Wanroij (Hypermnestre), Philippe Talbot (Lyncee), Tassis Christoyannis (Danaus), Katia Velletaz (Plancippe), Thomas Dolie (Pelagus / Officiers), Les Chantres du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles, Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset (conductor)


10.40am Dr Hannah French talks to Andrew about a box set of reissues celebrating the SEON early music label



DISC 1: Anonymous: Paschale Mysterium: Gregorian Chant

DISC 2: Gregorian Chant: Hymns

DISC 3: Gregorian Chant: Sequences

DISC 4: The Moosburg Gradual of 1360: Christmas Cantiones

DISC 5: Dufay: Musique sacrée & Ballades

DISC 6: Laudiamo Jesu:Laude of the 15th and 16th Centuries

DISC 7: Desprez: Missa “La Sol Fa Re Mi” & Motets

DISC 8: Stoltzer: Four German Psalms

DISC 9/10: The Legend of Orpheus

DISC 11: de Monte, de Lassus, Nörmiger, White: Sacred Music

DISC 12: Gastoldi: Balletti a 5 voci

DISC 13: Early Italian Madrigals

DISC 14: Monteverdi: Madrigals

DISC 15: Varietie of Lute-Lessons: The Renaissance Lute

DISC 16: Lawes: The Royal Consort & Lute Songs

DISC 17: Te Deum Laudamus: German Renaissance Choirs

DISC 18: Mazak: Sacred Music from Holy Cross Monastery

DISC 19: Blow: An Ode, on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell & Songs from Am-phion Anglicus

DISC 20: Corelli: Sonatas op. 5 Nos. 7-11 & No. 12 “La Follia”

DISC 21/22: Couperin: Nouveaux Concerts from Les Goûts Réunis Nos. 5-7, Nos. 9-12 & No. 14

DISC 23: Couperin: Nouveaux Concerts from Les Goûts Réunis Nos. 8 &13 & “L’Apothéose de Corelli”

DISC 24: Couperin: Concerts Royaux Nos. 1-4

DISC 25: Couperin: Apotheosis to the memory of de Lully & Sonatas

DISC 26/27: Duphly & Forqueray: Pieces for Harpsichord

DISC 28/29: Hotteterre: Complete wind music: Suites, Sonatas, Dances

DISC 30: Vivaldi: The Four Seasons & Oboe Concertos

DISC 31: Vivaldi, Marcello, Platti: Concertos for Wind

DISC 32: Handel, Porpora, Caldara: Cantata da Camera

DISC 33: Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas

DISC 34: The Baroque Lute I & II

DISC 35: The Baroque Lute III

DISC 36/37: Telemann: 12 Sonate Metodiche

DISC 38/39: Telemann: Trio Sonatas for Recorder & Transverse Flute

DISC 40/41: Handel: Complete Wind Sonatas

DISC 42: Bach: Cantatas „Kreuzstab“ BWV 56 & „Ich habe genug“ BWV 82

DISC 43/44: Bach: Great Organ Works

DISC 45: Bach: Inventions BWV 772-786 & Sinfonias BWV 787-801

DISC 46/47: Bach: English Suites BWV 806-811

DISC 48: Bach: French Suites BWV 812-817

DISC 49/50: Bach: Italian Concerto BWV 971, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV 903, Toccatas & Suites

DISC 51/52: Bach: Cello Suites BWV 1007-1012

DISC 53/54: Bach: Complete Sonatas & Partita for Flute

DISC 55/56: Bach: Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-6 BWV 1046-1051

DISC 57: Bach: Musical Offering BWV 1079

DISC 58: J.S. & C.P.E. Bach: Harpsichord Concertos in D minor

DISC 59/60: C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas, Rondos & Fantasias

DISC 61: Haydn: String Quartets op. 20 No. 2&4

DISC 62/63: Boccherini: String Quintets op. 20 Nos. 1-6 & Sonatas for Violoncello & B.c.

DISC 64/65: Mozart: Flute Concertos

DISC 66/67: Mozart: Wind Divertimentos

DISC 68/69: Mozart: Violin Concertos and Concertante Movements

DISC 70/71: Mozart: Sonatas for Piano and Violin K. 8, 26, 301, 306, 360, 454

DISC 72: Mozart: Sonatas for Piano & Violin K. 58, 304, 481

DISC 73/74: Mozart: Piano Sonatas

DISC 75/76: von Weber: Ten Scottish Melodies, Chamber Music, 28 Songs

DISC 77: Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Netherlands

DISC 78/79: Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Northern Germany

DISC 80/81: Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Alpenländler

DISC 82/83: Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Austria

DISC 84/85: Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Northern Italy


SONY 88843089382 (85CD budget)

11. 40am Disc of the Week

SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 9 in C major, D944 'The Great'

Orchestra Mozart, Claudio Abbado (conductor)

DG 4794652 (CD mid-price)


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