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Morris Beckman, Ornette Coleman, Tanith Lee, Süleyman Demirel and Doris Hart

Matthew Bannister on anti-fascist activist Morris Beckman, jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman, sci-fi writer Tanith Lee, Turkish president Suleyman Demirel and tennis player Doris Hart.

Matthew Bannister on

Morris Beckman - the East End Jewish activist who co-founded the 43 Group to fight against post-war British fascists.

Ornette Coleman - the pioneering saxophonist who developed free jazz improvisation.

Tanith Lee - the prolific science fiction author who also wrote episodes of the TV series Blake's 7.

Süleyman Demirel - who was seven times Prime Minister and then President of Turkey.

And the American tennis player Doris Hart - who won three Wimbledon titles in one day.

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Morris Beckman

Matthew spoke to Professor David Cesarani who knew Morris well and wrote the foreword to his book about the 43 Group. 

Born 21 February 1921 to 24 May 2015 aged 94.

Ornette Coleman (pictured)

Matthew spoke to the jazz expert and broadcaster, Digby Fairweather.

Born 9 March 1930; died 11 June 2015 aged 85.

Tanith Lee

Last Word spoke to Storm Constantine, a writer who was inspired by Lee, and later published her work and to journalist and author David Barnett.

Born 19 September 1947; died 24 May 2015 aged 67.

Süleyman Demirel

Last Word spoke to Andrew Finkel, a correspondent in Turkey for over 25 years who now helps run an organisation called P24 which works for independent journalism in Turkey.

Born 1 November 1924; died 17 June 2015 aged 90.

Doris Hart

Last Word spoke to commentator and former tennis player, John Barrett.

Born 20 June 1925; died 29 May 2015 aged 89.



Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest David Cesarani
Interviewed Guest Digby Fairweather
Interviewed Guest Storm Constantine
Interviewed Guest David Barnett
Interviewed Guest Andrew Finkel
Interviewed Guest John Barrett